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Events are one of the most important vehicles used to build brand awareness. They provide unique opportunities to share ideas, products, and services in an up-close and personal way. We understand how to maximize these engagements by partnering with you to create an experience that boosts your brand, delivers your messaging in a clear, impactful way, and engages attendees.​



We specialize in large-scale, fully customized event spaces to bring your client an event like none other. These include week-long, full-day event services to one-day engagements.


​​Our 20-year history has enabled us to have an in-depth understanding of what makes a conference event design successful. From how to best position your registration and what activations types yield the most engagement to the overall flow of people and activity throughout the entire event, we deliver impactful event solutions.


When it comes to trade shows, we’ve left behind boring booths. We think outside the box pushing boundaries to deliver unique, on-brand experiences.

​Understanding that trade show spaces have a unique set of needs, Blueprint Studios created Vident Exhibits, our in-house exhibit studio. Specializing in the design and production of corporate exhibit environments, Vident combines cutting-edge technology, ingenuity and craftsmanship to manufacture creative, quality trade show displays, exhibits, and empowering activations that enable exhibitors to engage their customers in the most innovative ways.


Meeting spaces are one of the most important corporate spaces. It’s where great minds come together to share ideas, innovate, face challenges, solve problems, and plan for the future.

​With 20 years of corporate experience, we’ve worked with the best brands to create spaces that are welcoming, conducive to productivity, and provide the latest technology features — form and function. We take every variable into account and provide an exceptional experience.


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