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Corporate Event Planning

The challenge for this event was to create experiential environments across several venues for over 4,000 attendees.

From pedal-powered device-charging stations and social networking hubs to mobile meet-up tables, unique activations sparked meaningful social interactions and team-building opportunities. Incorporating the social media titan’s branding throughout every aspect of the event, Blueprint Studios created a visually immersive and intellectually engaging atmosphere for Twitter’s employees to connect with the company’s core values.

Minute Maid Park served as the final destination for #OneTeam 2020. Designing an event within a ballpark comes with many opportunities. One of these opportunities was space and there was a lot of it. To plan for and design an attendee journey that is unique can be challenging yet incredibly rewarding. For the final night, we were tasked with designing a space that was influenced by Mid Century design with neon & tiki accents. We developed several lounge settings featuring a mixture of Mid-Modern pieces and colorful velvet-upholstered furnishings while incorporating creative ways to display neon lighting.

Blueprint Studios created a one-of-a-kind multi-day experience for Twitter employees through a signature blend of high-tech wizardry and classic, high-quality design principles to tell the company’s story. Diversity, sustainability, inclusion, and collaboration were the key takeaways of the global gathering.



AfroTech 2019

Corporate Event Planning

The challenge for this event was to design and produce a meaningful multi-day conference experience for 10,000 attendees.

Blueprint Studios was thrilled and honored to partner with Blavity Inc. for the second consecutive year as the exclusive design and production partner for AfroTech 2019 at the Oakland Convention Center. We set out to use our creative abilities to produce a diverse and comprehensive conference environment that promotes communication, networking, and entrepreneurship while celebrating young Black tech culture.


We produced a variety of conference spaces, including over forty branded sponsored booths to generate compelling and productive interactions between guests and conference representatives.


Sephora SLC 2019

Corporate Event Planning

The challenge for this event was to design and build 31 customized booths and provide event décor for the closing night party for over 2,000 attendees.

We had the honor of supporting Sephora as their preferred design partner for their Sales Leadership Conference for the third consecutive year at The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Over 80 established and new beauty brands were showcased in this exclusive invite-only event, offering a look into their best selling and new product lines. 

We worked with each cosmetic company to find creative solutions to highlight their brand in a memorable way in the eyes of the consumer. While many wanted to show off trademark products, others wanted to showcase the history of success stories their line offered. We worked with each client to focus on brand recognition and used experiential designs as the key ingredients in developing each company’s custom space. Each space introduced the conference attendee to an on-brand activity, photo opportunity, or make-up tutorial session. 

Each of these booths featured their own set of distinguishing aesthetic elements which were delivered by months of pre-production meetings, coordinating with vendors, and distributing our skilled labor to perform building, printing, and specialized furnishing tasks.

Blueprint Studios created an informative multi-day experience for Sephora Brand Ambassadors filled with inspiration and development culminating in a final-night party for over 2,000 attendees.



#OneTeam 2018

The social media giant, Twitter, brought a colorful aesthetic and creative branding to another level for their 2018 #OneTeam Summit. Celebrating the diversity of their company partnered with inclusive messaging, this year’s program inspired the global staff on the continued development and worldwide growth.


Twitter enlisted the Creative Brand Design and Production Team at Blueprint Studios to create a colorful brand-centric conference at the Moscone Center in Downtown San Francisco. Specialty fabricated space dividers, birch-accented furnishings, and iconic pillows were selected to generate a vibrant and bold atmosphere for all conference-goers.


Multi-color linear patterns were artfully paired with natural wood tones and on-brand messaging highlighted a campus-style environment. A customized enclosure of colorful wood and metal planks, juxtaposed by grass hedge planters and oversized mirrored icons, welcomed attendees into the venue and acted as a central hub in directing event flow.



Fabricated conference hub structure

Produced large-scale on-brand printed graphics

Designed and furnished over two-dozen lounge setting

Custom cushions were designed and developed with details to complete the decor

100,000 square foot center hall with over 1,000 furniture products


InTheBlack 2019

Corporate Event Planning

The challenge for this event was to design and produce a comprehensive conference for over 2,000 attendees.


BlackLine’s Finance & Accounting Innovation Experience welcomed industry leaders including controllers, accountants, finance executives, and BlackLine experts for the cloud-based finance industry’s largest event delivering thought leadership, inspiring keynotes, education, networking, and professional development.

Blueprint Studios produced over twenty branded sponsorship booths, as well as the conference Customer Success Lab and Innovation Hub as environments for attendees to feel empowered, inspire one another, and enhance their overall experience, all while strengthening BlackLine’s partnerships.

Blueprint Studios developed an extensive conference environment that featured education and network opportunities as well as meaningful interactions between attendees.



Sephora SDCA 2017

Store Director Conference of America’s (SDCA) 2017 held at Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, NV is One of the Most Prestigious, Invite Only Conferences of the Year for Sephora. Blueprint Studios Designed and Developed Over 25 booths for Brands Showcasing their New Products to Sephora.



2000 Attendees

Fabricated ”Welcome to Las Vegas” Signage for Makeup Forever

Fabricated Custom Flooring and Roulette Tables

Designed and Developed Graphics for Brands

Kevin Aucoin’s Booth Inspiration transpired from his Famous Coffee Table Book

Installed Custom Shelving for Product Showcasing

Coordinated Design Meetings with Over 25 Brands


RSA Conference

As one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in the world, the RSA Conference’s mission is to connect the people in this industry with relevant insights that empower them to stay ahead of cyber threats, learn the latest trends and innovations. The prestigious conference hosted a record number of more than 43,000 attendees along with 700 keynote speakers, peer-to-peer sessions, track sessions, tutorials, and seminars.


From concept to completion, Blueprint Studios executed an intricate yet efficient strategy based on the concept of a cybersecurity cloud Platform representing full coverage, complete protection solutions via a variety of visual cues. Infusing the vast space with an energetic, productivity-sparking environment, the Blueprint Studios team suspended 35 three and four-foot colorful cubes from the ceiling, recreating the cloud. Thanks to prominent positioning the chromatic cube cloud was visible from every angle as attendees arrived at the show. It was the most colorful and different booth in the show. Wood floors in corresponding primary colors carried the vibrant palette through every element and shaggy green grass theater-style space drove the grassroots theme home. For in-booth presentations, the brightly colored wood demo displays reinforced the concept of accessible, down to earth cybersecurity. The informal, casual yet productive philosophy of Silicon Valley carried through to every detail, from the classroom to boardroom inspired whiteboards to the cutting edge digital displays.



Ignite 2016

Conceptualize, design, and produce a multi-day, multi-venue experiential tech expo-show, including activations, meeting spaces, and general session for the fastest growing virtual security company in the Silicon Valley. Create a cohesive layout and develop a communication strategy for the event branding through art direction that is within the corporate style guide yet stylized and innovative.


Design and produce event marketing and advertising assets, collateral, graphics for decor, and signage as well as promotional giveaways.



3400 Attendees

Design of overall expo hall including charging areas, genius bars, labs, lounge, and dining spaces

Design and fabrication of three-level sponsorship booths – Platinum/Gold/Silver

30 unconventional, custom fabricated booths 10×10

Design and production of one 40×40 Palo Alto Networks Booth including 8 Demo Stations, 8 work stations and an interior Interior Lounge

Custom Fabricated “grab and go” cold food stations

Custom designed Hot food Stations

Design and fabrication of Expo “Ignite Corporate Store” and Gift Redemption Station

Design and creation of “Cyber Range” – Star War-style workshop activation

8-hour Installation for Expo floor – 37,076 sq. ft.

Multiple Customized Activation Areas

General Session Custom Fabricated Stage Design

Multiple meeting spaces throughout the venue

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