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When it comes to social events, our talented team delivers stunning, unique designs for everything from grand-scale galas to intimate gatherings. Whether you’re fund-raising for a great cause, creating buzz for a brand, hosting an award or sporting event party, or celebrating a milestone, we deliver an event design that brings your vision to life.​​



One challenge is finding new and exciting ways to capture an audience with competing distractions. Our dedicated team of event strategists partners with you to develop forward-thinking, unique solutions. We reference past performance to inform what tactics are most effective and leverage event design, marketing strategy, and attendee journey mapping to create multi-dimensional, multi-sensory experiences that meet the specific needs of your event.


We have a big soft spot for milestone events because they are so personal. From weddings and anniversaries to birthdays, bar mitzvahs, and retirement parties, these occasions touch the heart and soul. It’s always an honor to be a trusted partner for these cherished moments and why we put love into every detail to deliver the most beautiful expression of your dream celebration.


A spotlight is put on social events when it comes to creativity and design. This is most certainly where Blueprint Studios shines. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. From our carefully curated, luxury rental collection, and attention-grabbing graphic designs to our show-stopping custom fabrications, lighting, and florals, our social events are a feast for the senses. Our mission is simple: to deliver exceptional event designs that create a memorable experience for each and every guest.