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"Wish Upon A Star": A Non Profit Gala of Dreams Crafted by Blueprint Studios

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Blueprint Studios, a proud contributor in San Francisco's event design and rental landscape, has once again outdone itself with the "Wish Upon A Star" gala. This year marked a decade of our creative collaboration with the signature non-profit event, "Celebrate John Muir Health". The event, which has become a cornerstone of the Bay Area community, not only captivated attendees but also made a significant impact, raising a remarkable $1.6 million for the Birth Center. Since 2013, ten diverse departments at John Muir Health have reaped the benefits, with a staggering total of over $13 million funneled towards these vital services.

Our team of visionary event designers metamorphosed an unadorned airplane hangar into an ethereal realm, showcasing our unparalleled expertise in crafting engaging, immersive environments tailor-made for gala extravaganzas. Every nuanced detail and premium quality event rental on display was a testament to the opulent essence that is synonymous with San Francisco's gala scene.

Guests first stepped into an "Arrivals and Cocktail" tent, transformed into an Enchanted Forest that seemed to leap out of a storybook. Here, oversized blossoms mingled with wooden archways, while white, sparkling magical trees and oversized storybooks added a touch of whimsy. A unique photo opportunity allowed guests to become part of a fairy tale, stepping right onto the cover of an enchanted story.

Beyond the imposing 30-foot-tall doors lay a realm of fantasy, reminiscent of a majestic castle. The walls were adorned with cascading tapestries, drawing eyes towards the grandeur of a 30-foot-wide castle facade, complete with stained glass windows and a functional castle gate. Each table was not just a setting but an intimate constellation of thoughtful design and purpose. Exquisite floral tablescapes and subtle ambient lighting were strategically placed, highlighting our unwavering dedication to crafting unforgettable non-profit events. This gala's resounding success is a clear demonstration of the potency of detailed event design intertwined with the Bay Area's philanthropic spirit.

At Blueprint Studios, we take pride in being at the forefront of event design and rental in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our commitment is unwavering – to elevate gala events to unprecedented levels and to forge powerful partnerships with leading non-profit organizations, aiding them in their fundraising endeavors for meaningful causes. The "Celebrate John Muir Health" "Wish Upon A Star" gala has undoubtedly set a new standard for non-profit events in the Bay Area. We are energized and ready to infuse your next gala with the same level of fervor and meticulous attention to detail.

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