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Unveiling Innovative Exhibit Ideas: Blueprint Studios' Vident Exhibits & the Custom Exhibit Design

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Showcasing Moloco Inc. At Shoptalk Las Vegas 2023

In the world of exhibit design is all about crafting a narrative. It's a journey from concept to reality that calls for in-depth understanding, creative ideas, custom design, and effective service delivery. This article features Blueprint Studios' Vident Exhibits in partnership with Prospect Events and the transformative exhibit design for Moloco Inc., a global leader in mobile advertising and machine learning technology.

Understanding the subject is the first step in creating a resonant exhibit. Vident Exhibits delves into the core ethos and technology behind Moloco, exploring their solutions and algorithms. This deep comprehension allows for an exhibition design that genuinely reflects Moloco's brand and contributions to the ad tech industry.

After research comes the creative process. Vident combines innovation with data to design an exhibit that is both engaging and educational. The exhibit follows Moloco's journey from inception, highlighting key milestones and innovations. This storytelling approach in exhibit design makes for a captivating narrative that holds the audience's interest.

Bringing the concept to life is a critical phase where Vident's custom fabrication skills come to the fore. From virtual reality demonstrations to real-world success stories, every element of the exhibit is carefully crafted to mirror Moloco's state-of-the-art technology.

Coupled with custom design, Vident offers comprehensive exhibit services to ensure a seamless experience. The team covers everything from installation to logistics, and on-site management, ensuring every detail is executed to perfection. Recognizing the importance of connecting with the audience, Vident designs exhibits that resonate with the target demographic. For Moloco, this meant creating an interactive, informative experience for a tech-oriented audience, providing valuable insights into the world of digital advertising. The final result was a fresh looking booth, interactive and actually was voted 1 of the top 5 booths at Shoptalk 🥇.

In essence, Vident Exhibits embodies the holistic approach to exhibit design, combining rigorous research, innovative ideas, custom design, and excellent service delivery. Their work with Moloco serves as a testament to their ability to create engaging spaces that not only resonate with the audience but also provide a memorable visitor experience. This approach sets them apart in the industry, establishing Vident as a trusted partner in exhibit design.

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Credits : Prospect Events

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