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Gallop and Glamour: Blueprint Studios' Equestrian Extravaganza Event Design at Silverado Hotel Napa

Updated: Jan 15

Nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, the Silverado Hotel played host to an extraordinary outdoor incentive event, meticulously crafted by Blueprint Studios. This unique gathering was not just an event but a celebration of equestrian elegance and competitive spirit.

The hotel’s expansive outdoor grounds were transformed into a picturesque equestrian track, becoming the focal point of the festivities. Blueprint Studios, a leading name in event design and rental business, demonstrated their creative prowess by incorporating the thrill of the race with sophisticated design elements, creating an immersive experience for all attendees.

Professional jockeys, atop their magnificent horses, were the stars of the show, performing track demonstrations that showcased their incredible skill and the beauty of these noble creatures. Spectators were treated to the rhythmic cadence of hooves against the track, a symphony of power and grace that became the event’s heartbeat.

Capturing the essence of equestrian culture, each aspect of the event was thoughtfully curated. From the "Tack Room" that displayed an array of horse saddles and bridles, to the "Saddle Up" lounge area adorned with horse-themed cushions, the attention to detail was impeccable. Each space was designed to evoke the spirit of horse racing, blending rustic charm with a touch of luxury, embodying the event's high-end rustic theme.

The event’s seating was crafted from rich woods and comfortable cushions, ensuring guests could enjoy the activities in absolute comfort. Floral arrangements were strategically placed, adding splashes of vibrant color that complemented the natural beauty of the setting. The juxtaposition of natural materials with elegant design elements perfectly mirrored the union of raw equestrian power with the finesse of professional jockeys.

The outdoor buffet stations, encased in brick-and-wood structures, offered a gourmet selection that paired beautifully with Napa’s famed wines. Under the shade of ancient oaks, guests mingled and savored the flavors, while giant displays of equestrian photography provided a backdrop that celebrated the event's theme.

It was an event where the thunder of hooves, the elegance of design, and the allure of Napa came together in perfect harmony.

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