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Championing Mental Health and Sustainability in the Event Industry

Updated: Jul 30, 2023


In an era defined by constant connectivity and a pace that seems to accelerate by the day, the event industry is uniquely positioned to become a beacon for mental health and sustainability. As event professionals, we have the responsibility to deliver not just memorable experiences, but also to shape environments that are supportive of personal well-being and cognizant of the ecological footprint we leave behind.

Events as Catalysts for Mental Health Awareness

Events are vibrant platforms where ideas are exchanged, relationships are formed, and experiences are crafted. More importantly, they serve as a catalyst for change. Infusing mental health initiatives into events can spark crucial conversations, remove stigma, and help create more empathetic, inclusive spaces.

Incorporating mental health-focused activities, like mindfulness workshops or wellness sessions, can provide attendees with a much-needed break from the noise, offering tools to manage stress, anxiety, or just the pressures of daily life. Creating spaces for reflection and quiet in the midst of a bustling event can be a powerful signal that it’s okay to slow down, to practice stillness, even in the most exciting environments.

The Imperative of Sustainability

In parallel, the call for sustainability in our industry has never been louder. As event planners, we have the power to make greener choices every step of the way, be it in choosing eco-friendly venues, minimizing waste, or opting for locally sourced provisions. This not only contributes to a healthier planet but also communicates a clear message to attendees - that we care for the world we live in, and our actions reflect that commitment.

Strategies for Integrating Mental Health and Sustainability

Hosting an event that prioritizes mental health and sustainability might sound challenging, but it can be approached effectively with a few strategies:

  • Elevate Mental Health: Make mental health a part of the conversation. Host workshops, invite speakers, or facilitate activities that center around mental health and well-being.

  • Embrace Sustainability: Go green wherever possible. Choose venues that share your commitment to the environment, minimize the use of non-recyclable materials, and ensure any food or beverages are locally sourced and sustainably produced.

Prioritizing Well-being through inspiring "Embrace Your Pace" Conference Activations

A prime example of such an event was the "Embrace Your Pace" conference activation. This event activation was specifically designed to encourage mental health awareness among its attendees. Throughout the conference, attendees were engaged in activities like yoga classes, meditation sessions, and mindfulness workshops to inspire and jumpstart new habits.

Keynote speakers from various industries shared personal stories of managing mental health in high-stress environments, fostering an open dialogue about the importance of mental health in every facet of life. Importantly, all attendees were encouraged to take these practices home, promoting lasting change. Alongside this focus on mental health, the event embodied sustainability. From a paperless check-in process to locally sourced catering and a zero-waste policy, each detail was designed to minimize environmental impact.


The event industry's intersection with mental health and sustainability is more than a trend—it's a call to action. Through our events, we can promote awareness, foster understanding, and inspire change that extends beyond the venue's walls. By making mental health and sustainability integral components of our events, we can ensure our industry serves as a positive force in the world, crafting experiences that are not just memorable but also deeply impactful.

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