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A Taste Explosion: Event Design Extravaganza at Boa Restaurant, Beverly Hills

Updated: Jan 18

Beverly Hills, renowned for its luxury and panache, witnessed an unforgettable evening that melded culinary wonders with unmatched event design at the iconic Boa Restaurant. This wasn't just an event; it was a celebration of all the tastes - sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and the ever-intriguing umami.

Sweet Serenade

We started our sensory journey with a room bathed in pastel hues, evoking feelings of warmth and comfort. Classic sweets were reimagined as innovative delicacies, designed to not just appeal to the palate but also be a treat for the eyes. From cotton candy chandeliers to marshmallow lounges, the 'sweet' room was every dessert lover's dream.

Salty Soiree

Step into a coastal-themed room where the gentle hints of sea breeze and the earthy tones took center stage. With a bar serving salted margaritas to a seafood menu sprinkled with the world's finest salts, this section was a testimony to the art of balancing flavors.

Sour Sensations

Vibrant, tangy, and absolutely delightful, the sour room was a zesty paradise. Lemon-yellow décor, playful citrus centerpieces, and an assortment of sour candies and beverages. The room was a refreshing break, a tangy twist to the evening.

Bitter Elegance

Bitter, often overlooked, was brought to the forefront with sophisticated décor in rich, dark tones. Think dark chocolate fountains, coffee-based cocktails, and tantalizing hors d'oeuvres infused with the finest bitter ingredients.

Umami Unleashed

Our umami room was an ode to the rich, deep, and savory. A palette of deep reds and gold, combined with a menu that celebrated broths, meats, and other umami-rich foods, it was a room that lingered in guests' memories long after.

The World on a Shelf - A Spice Market Experience

But the pièce de résistance was our 'Spice Market'. An exquisite collection of hundreds of condiments from the four corners of the world was laid out for our guests to discover and pick. It was like walking through a global bazaar, each condiment telling its own unique story.

A huge shoutout to [Boa Restaurant in West Hollywood]( for being the perfect canvas for our taste-inspired event design. An evening of gastronomical wonders and visual delights, it was truly an affair to remember.

If you're seeking a blend of exquisite culinary tastes with unparalleled event design, Blueprint Studios is where your search ends. Dive into our portfolio and let's paint a flavorful future together! Send your inquiry here.

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