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Mega Bash


    The event leveraged interactive activities, games and gourmet food and drinks, encouraging attendees to weave their personal VMware stories into a collective narrative. This not only fostered a sense of community but also visually represented the integration of diverse backgrounds and ideas brought together by the merger.


    Merging two distinct company cultures presents challenges, primarily in aligning corporate values and communication styles. The event aimed to bridge these gaps through its design, promoting a shared space where everyone could feel part of a larger, cohesive community.

    The VMware Mega Bash 2023 marked a vibrant celebration of the merger between VMware and Broadcom. This event beautifully illustrated the fusion of two powerful cultures, offering a dynamic platform for collaboration and innovation.


    Colorful and engaging setups across various zones stood out, from leisurely lounge areas with vibrant furniture to interactive booths and themed zones that sparked conversations among participants. The event's atmosphere was charged with excitement, showcasing the potential of the newly united workforce.


    The Mega Bash addressed these cultural integration challenges by creating experiences that mirrored the values of both VMware and Broadcom. From the storytelling bracelet activity to collaborative spaces, from high energy blender bike tournaments to our door large scale games , that encouraged mingling and dialogue, the event was a step forward in knitting together the fabric of both

    organizations into a unified entity.

    Let’s get social

    Connect, create, celebrate: #BlueprintVibes